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Presenting Firehole Sticks!

If there are any fly tyers out there we have great news. Jump Creek Flies has secured a dealership for a line of affordable competition euro style barbless hooks developed in Montana. Firehole Outdoors recently began production of their hooks and shipped their first batch out to dealers in February. As of right now there are 4 models available, but there are plans to expand and add hook models as things progress. These hooks come in packs of 36 hooks and retail for $7.25. So at about $.20 per hook that's a great deal for some very nice wide gape, barbless hooks. So head on over to our store and try a few yourself!

Now we don't just plan to sell these hooks, but here at Jump Creek Flies, we tie flies, so we plan to use these hooks in our own line of premium barbless flies, that will begin to appear on our site. We have carved out a separate page where you will find all of these flies, but you will also find them interspersed with the other flies in the category they would fall under. The first two of these has been released with plans for more to come.

We are excited for the possibilities both for the tyers out there, and for our lineup of flies!

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