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DUAL PRO LITE LED Fly Tying Light - FTL230

DUAL PRO LITE LED Fly Tying Light - FTL230

In my opinion there is not a better lamp for your fly tying station out there than this one.  The two flexible heads give you a bright clear view of your fly from any angle.  As a tyer who cranks out thousands of flies each year I can tell you this lamp is a must have for any fly tying station.  And as a bonus the two adjustable heads on this light make it perfect for taking beautiful, clear pictures of your flies if that is your thing.  


You will find all the features below, but here are what I consider the highlights.  The two lights come on a flexible 18" arms that give you a great view of the fly from any angle you could want.  Point one at your desk and one at the fly, or both at the fly from different angles, or whatever fits the situation.  Another great feature is that there are at least three mounting options for this light.  It has a heavy table top pedestal base that is great for use on a standard fly tying desk.  But it also comes with a C-Clamp that is much lighter to carry if you are traveling, or there is another great option where the lights can be removed from the heavy pedestal base, and mounted directly on the post of your fly tying vise. 




Professional Dual Head Inspection Light

  • Two Light Heads - 220 lumen (440 Total) CREE LEDs, Cool Operation and Never Needs Replacement
  • Daylight Illumination - Natural Color Rendering to reduce Eye Strain
  • Flexible Arms - 18" Each, Directs Lights to any position needed
  • Table Base - Heavy, Non Tipping with a built in Tray and Magnet
  • Alternate Mounting Choices:
    • Bench C - Clamp included, Accommodates up to  2 3/4"  Thick Surface
    • Removable from table base and will mount to a 3/8" post.  Perfect for mounting right on the stem of your fly tying vise if you so desire.
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