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Loon Dry Dust
  • Loon Dry Dust

    SKU: LN36

    As a floatant, Loon Dust keeps flies riding high and adds sparkle attractor. It can also be used to give nymphs a realistic air bubble effect. Included is an easy to use brush applicator. Great for CDC!


    • Powder floatant
    • Easy to use applicator brush
    • Perfect for CDC
    • Gives nymphs air bubble effect
    • Work into fly line to increase flotation


    Shake bottle with closed lid to coat applicator brush with dust. Remove applicator brush (attached to lid) and apply to body and wings of dry flies. If fishing with nymphs, apply Loon Dust to body to create realistic air bubble effect. Reapply when needed.


    Personally this is the only type of floatant I use on CDC Flies.  Liquids, gels and even oils clump the CDC Fibers together but this powder will restore your water logged flies back to perfect fishing condition in no time.  

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