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Now Carrying Cliff Outdoors Fly
We are happy to announce that we are now selling Fly boxes
Cliff Outdoors.  I had seen their products around for a
couple years now, but hadn't had a chance to put my hands on
any.  Well this spring I got a few here in my warehouse, and I
was impressed.  These boxes are great.  Nothing really fancy
about them, but they do the job.  Their system uses heavy blue
foam which is cut with slits to hold the bend of your hooks.  You
don't tear up the foam by hooking through it, and the foam is
stout enough and glued into their boxes tight enough to hold
hooks time after time without wearing out.  

I have made the switch and now you can too.  Check out our
stock of Cliff Outdoors Products in the
Fly Boxes Section of our
Fly Shop.
Casting for Cutthroat Trout in Idaho's High Alpine