Current lead time on orders containing hand tied flies is 10-15 days depending on the size of the order.  This does not include streamers which are pretied and can be shipped immediately.  All hooks and other non fly orders will also ship immediately.    Plan accordingly and thank you for your patience.!

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Welcome to Jump Creek Flies. My name is Benji and I am based in Southwestern Idaho just 30 minutes from the famed Owyhee River and strive to provide personally hand tied flies that have been proven on our area rivers, lakes and streams. 


With a few noted exceptions, most flies offered here will arrive at your door hand tied by me.  I tie my orders fresh as they come in.  Often those flies you buy in the shop bins were tied overseas, then shipped halfway around the world before landing in your local fly shop where they again sit around in those bins gathering dust and being handled by many fingers.  I have seen many flies sitting in those bins that seem to have seen their better days before they ever get to fulfill their purpose!  So here we serve FRESH TIED FLIES!


 Living in the midst of a variety of great fishing locations allows for testing in a broad range of situations, and types of water.  Whether it's fishing tailwaters, spring creeks, mountain freestones, small creeks, alpine lakes or large rivers best fished from a drift boat, we have them all.  I especially like designing patterns meant to fool the fussiest of big trout.  Many of the patterns I sell use CDC, and other natural materials that really bring a fly to life.  


When you are casting to picky fish, having the right fly is crucial.  You can spend a lot of money on gear, but if you don't have the right fly on the end of your tippet it's not going to make a difference.  Give me a call, text or email.  I would love to discuss this amazing sport with any and all who would like to chat! 


Give me a call, text, or email.  I look forward to talking to people who love to fly fish as much as I do!

Tel:  208.649.4232




© 2020 by Jump Creek Flies. 

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M&P Nymphs Ready to Ship!

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