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Renzetti, and Griffin Vises added!

We are a week into the new website design and we have been hard at work getting our full inventory entered here on the site. This week you will notice a few new items but the notable adds are several Renzetti and Griffin Fly tying vises. We added the Saltwater as well as the regular Renzetti Traveler vises to our lineup as well as the Griffin Odyssey Spider (cam), and the Griffin Montana Mongoose vises. As someone who has tied a lot of flies in my day, I figure who better to help get you a vise if you are looking to get into tying, or are looking to upgrade to a new vise. If you ever have any questions on any of our vises feel free to ask even if you are considering a vise that I do not sell on this site.

Renzetti and Griffin both offer the more traditional style of true rotary vises and give a bit of a variety from our Regal and HMH vises which are more similar to each other. With these vises I feel I have a vise that can meet a wider range of preferences in vise styles.

We also have added a couple more Regal Vises to our store. The Medallions are the staple of the Regal lineup and they are an excellent choice for almost any tier.

Then in the HMH Line we have added the SX to our stable. The SX is a great travel vise!

Then finally we added the HMH Profile Plate. Great for relieving eye strain for those long tying sessions this winter as you prepare to chase those fins again when the weather breaks in the spring. Also great for those of you who like to photograph your flies.

So browse around, and keep coming back because our inventory of items will continue to change rapidly over the next few months!

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