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Trip into the Backcountry!

We have a little yearly tradition I started several years ago of taking at least one backpacking trip with my boys every summer.

This year I picked a little shorter trip than normal, but I had never been on the trail so its still always interesting going somewhere you are not sure what to expect. Mileage was only 3.2 into the lake, and the elevation gain seemed fairly tame, but I found out once again that it always looks more tame on the Topo than it is in real life!

Still not the most strenuous of hikes but we gained a little over 1000' in the first 2 miles. But that always makes for better views.

Our destination is on the lower right of this picture.

An early start and a short hike meant we were at our desination before lunch. So with time on our side the first mission was to see how the fishing was. One reason I had chosen this lake was that Idaho Fish and Game had planted Grayling here in the last couple years, so I was axious to see if I could land my first ever grayling. But at first we were greated by eager and healthy Cutthroat!

This one had either been caught before or had some damage to its jaw, but it was a healthy Cutt and seemed about the average size for this lake.

But it didn't take long until we were into the grayling.

Day 2 I made an executive decision and let the troups out on a wild goose chase across country to a lake with no trails. It's name is Dissapointment Lake and my oldest son thought that should have been a clue as to why we should never go. He's in the lead in this picture and his face tells the story:

But despite the bush wacking we had to do thorugh some steep country to get there the lake was worth the trip even if we just fished for a short time. It was loaded with Brook Trout that took a fly on every cast. A lot of fun for my younger son who loves to fish, especially when the fishing is hot!

Day 3 we headed out. A short but sweet trip loaded with more memories!

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