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Mid July Owyhee Report

The PMD's are in full swing, and the hoppers are just on the verge. I haven't fished hoppers yet, but a friend of mine had some success this week with a foam hopper in certain spots. This past week we found a lot of success fishing PMD duns and emergers to rising fish. Where we fished the fish were not rising prolifically but some searching the water was required to find them tucked into the subtle lies. When we found them they were willing, and we had a good day. Late in the evening I found a pod of Rainbows feeding on Callibaetis spinners a little lower on the river. A few of these 'bows were very nice size and the Callibaetis were about a size 14. Large by Owyhee standards. There were also a few fish splashing at caddis just at dusk. It was a fun way to end the day. The numbers are still not what I have been accustomed to on the Owyhee but the fish are there.


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