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Owyhee River Report 6/5/18

The river is not on fire yet. Things are slow but there are fish to be had. Most of the action is still subsurface with nymphs and streamers until the PMD's show up. There are Caddis bouncing around the lower river in the evening and a few small BWO's and midges hatching but no consistent PMD's as of yet. Water temps may still be a bit on the low end for them. Turning over a few rocks there are plenty of nymphs so once things pop it should be back to business as usual on the Owyhee.

For now the best success has been nymphing with caddis and midge pupa patterns, and small mayfly nymphs. Current go to to flies are Zebra midges, and the M&P Nymph. Most small mayfly nymph patterns will do well and another favorite is the split case BWO and PMD nymph. For dries, a BWO Last Chance Sparkle Cripple, or small midge patterns like the CDC Wing Midge, and the CDC Midge Smoke jumper.

Nice little Brown that took a very small Split Case BWO Nymph.

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